The Potential of the Private Fund

In this IEO explanation, the term “Private Fund” is often used.

We have only called it a fund so far,

even if it is said to be a private fund, is it actually a fund?

You may be thinking.

Until now, the term “fund” refers to a shared fund .

However , in the future, there will be private funds and shared funds, so it is necessary to interpret them separately.

Shared funds and private funds

The screen below shows the shared fund that we are familiar with .

This is the Shared Fund that appears in Daily Reports.

They use the funds saved in this fund to purchase XEX.

The shared fund is XEX that does not circulate in the 20% portion in the lower left corner of the pie chart below .

Private funds will be present in the distribution XEX part of 50% right on the pie chart .

If you read the explanation on the right, you will get the current distribution of XEX.

First, there are about 1.350 billion mined XEX.

On the other hand, there are about 460 million XEX in circulation.

The acquisition of 100 million XEX by the Private Fund means that the share of this 460 million coins will be 21% (* ゚ ▽ ゚  ゚) 

Private funds occupy more than 1/5 of the circulating supply…

This impact is very large.

Even more amazing,

100 million XEX is not as it is. This will continue to proliferate.

What does this mean … ?

100% of the collected XEX will continue to receive 80% distributions.

It will also continue to purchase from those distributions.

In other words, it is like continuing to use compound interest for a long time.

The occupancy rate increases at an accelerated rate by repeating buy-back-> growth-> buy-back-> growth from where it has proliferated.

Moreover, it is a permanent lock ! ━━━━ (゚ ∀ ゚) ━━━━ !! 

That means …

The percentage of XEX that will never be sold will increase …

XEX that can be distributed is steadily decreasing …

It means that the value per piece will continue to rise ♪


This private fund is an excellent fund that will contribute not only to XEX but also to XCR from distributions, which will contribute to the value increase of XCR!

In the end, there will be no doubt that our users and Private Fund will compete for XEX and XCR’s value!

The possibility of a Private Fund,

how it works now is up to us (๑✧∀✧๑)

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