XX months until the end of the mining period! ? ?

Although there is currently focus solely on what the price will be,

I am personally paying attention to entirely something else.

That is the remaining mining period.


Let’s start with the daily report.

From October 17th, the bonus consumption number was added.

This is because the bonus, derived from the CX community to date, is now contributed from the unissued trading bonus on the right side of the chart below.

Contribution from the trading bonus means that every time a bonus is contributed, the mining pool quota will decrease.

Additional details on this are in the notice below. ↓ ↓ ↓

On October 17, the upper limit of 5 billion became 4.7 billion.

After that, bonuses are consumed daily from 4.7 billion. * Excludes mining bonus.

So, how fast is it declining?


13 days have passed since the start of the decline, and about 160 million have been already consumed.

While it is now the battle period, there may be a tendency of decline, as only 120 million were consumed during the period, it seems that the pace will exceed 200 million in a month.


What is worrisome is when the mining period will end.

The number of mining units has been an average of 150 million per month over the past 11 months.

The pace of bonus consumption is faster than that.

Since it is 160 million in 13 days, let us suppose reduction is at a pace of 200 million as a lower-end estimate.

Currently, there are 2.96 billion remaining units in the mining pool.


So, is mining 150 million a month now?

No, it is not.


AS XEX is cheap now, full mining is possible for 2,000 USD or less.

In other words, a lot of XEX can be mined compared to when it was 0.1USD.

Just today, the pace is about 9 million.


At this pace, it is 270 million per month.

In 6 months, it will be 1 billion 620 million!


How about the number consumed? Assuming a pace of 200 million per month,

it will be 1.2 billion in 6 months!

Add this up, and it is 2 billion 820 million.

In other words, if the current mining pace progresses at the current price range, the mining pool will disappear after about six months!

Until October 17, the pace was such that mining would end in two years.


However, as the price decreased and the number of mining units increased, and further, the bonus consumption number increased, the mining period has significantly shortened and will end in less than 6 months.

The end time is expected to be between April – May 2020.


How the mining pace will fluctuate in the future will also have an impact on price.

Also, while the period will vary depending on how the bonus is reduced, after that, the only way to get XEX is through buying on the board.

At this rate, as it would not be surprising that the bonus will be reduced drastically so that more people can mine, now may be the only time you can earn XEX with bonuses.


How long will the quick-buy be possible? . . This also did not exist at the beginning.


Also the BIGBOX … and 2019XEX …


We will not be able to return to this period when one can increase the number of XEX through bonuses! (* )