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  • 2019年11月4日
  • 2019年11月4日

What is the true value of XEX?

Stop looking on temporary things! They are kept excited by mining specification changes and the rock battles. Where is the point of view to XEX and the points to expect from XEX that investors should be aware of in order not to be bothered by temporary things? If you are just worried about the total assets, you are just looking at the illusion. The total amount of assets is only a measure of the amount of assets that come in when sold at the current price, and if you are pleased with it, it will only dent when the total assets fall. Still, I’m not happy psychologically that it seems that the value of what I invested is going down. So how do you get a strong mentality that doesn’t depend on the price at hand? [su_heading size=”24″]Strengthen of your mental state.[/su_heading] Keep an eye on the future of XEX and image it strongly. It’s really simple, but there is a big difference if you can or can’t do it. In order to keep an eye on the future, it is necessary to know the “original value” of the product. On the other hand, if the value is unknown, the […]

  • 2019年10月31日
  • 2019年11月1日

How to Register on CROSS Exchange and Enable Automatic Mining

    First, click here to go to the official website(check to consent) Check the box and click Begin Registration Check the box and click Confirm   Enter your email address Check the box and click Register     Enter your password Enter your password again Check the ”I’m not a robot” Click on the Next button Click on the OK button   ※A verification code will be delivered to the registered email address ※See image below Copy the verification code sent to your email address and paste it onto the Account Creation screen Click on the Register button   Check the box and click 2-Step   Download the authentication app if you do not have it yet ※ Google Authenticator Click on Next Step if you already have the authentication app Scan the QR code with your authentication app Click on Next Step Write down your backup key somewhere Click on Next Step     Enter your 6-digit verification code Click on Next Step Now you have completed the 2-step verification   Video on How to Make Submission to Verify Identity 2-Step Verification Settings     Check the box and click KYC Please complete the Verify Identity (KYC) section KYC, […]

  • 2019年10月30日
  • 2019年10月30日

XX months until the end of the mining period! ? ?

Although there is currently focus solely on what the price will be, I am personally paying attention to entirely something else. That is the remaining mining period.   Let’s start with the daily report. From October 17th, the bonus consumption number was added. This is because the bonus, derived from the CX community to date, is now contributed from the unissued trading bonus on the right side of the chart below. Contribution from the trading bonus means that every time a bonus is contributed, the mining pool quota will decrease. Additional details on this are in the notice below. ↓ ↓ ↓ On October 17, the upper limit of 5 billion became 4.7 billion. After that, bonuses are consumed daily from 4.7 billion. * Excludes mining bonus. So, how fast is it declining?   13 days have passed since the start of the decline, and about 160 million have been already consumed. While it is now the battle period, there may be a tendency of decline, as only 120 million were consumed during the period, it seems that the pace will exceed 200 million in a month. …thus What is worrisome is when the mining period will end. The number of mining units […]