What is the true value of XEX?

Stop looking on temporary things! They are kept excited by mining specification changes and the rock battles.

Where is the point of view to XEX and the points to expect from XEX that investors should be aware of in order not to be bothered by temporary things?

If you are just worried about the total assets, you are just looking at the illusion.

The total amount of assets is only a measure of the amount of assets that come in when sold at the current price, and if you are pleased with it, it will only dent when the total assets fall.

Still, I’m not happy psychologically that it seems that the value of what I invested is going down.

So how do you get a strong mentality that doesn’t depend on the price at hand?

[su_heading size=”24″]Strengthen of your mental state.[/su_heading]

Keep an eye on the future of XEX and image it strongly.

It’s really simple, but there is a big difference if you can or can’t do it. In order to keep an eye on the future, it is necessary to know the “original value” of the product.

On the other hand, if the value is unknown, the future becomes uneasy.

Recently, wallet-type investments have become popular, but I’ve never tried any of them. For the time being, I will try to incorporate it as information, but I don’t know its value.


The main reason is that we can’t invest in 2-3 years perspective.

Moreover, it seems that those who have been introduced do not convey the value of that.

Getting on the current trend just by anticipating few months away, and if we see a person bearing losses beyond that, well, it can’t be helped. Getting back to XEX, but the opposite is true for XEX.

If you look only a few months away, the current price will be unusual.

This is because if the price is not higher than when you bought it on the premise that it will be profitable after 90 days or a certain period of time, there is no help for it.


Well, I can understand it, but

      1. Do you have XEX who understands the goodness of the project?
      2. Do you invest using surplus funds?

I think that these two are very important points.

The more you know the goodness of a project, the more you can invest in it.

You may only be able to invest a little if you don’t know well, but you get a dividend.

But this is strange. I’m not sure, but what the investments are all about?

I don’t understand well.

“There is a dividend of 10% to 20% per month”

“The person who actually makes a profit with this for several months recommends me.”

This alone makes it easy to invest in other projects.

In this way, People with low financial literacy will be exploited from Fool.

The important thing is to invest in it after you are convinced of what you are investing in.

If you have XEX just with mind like “I don’t know well but I’m going to make money” you’ll get emotionally unstable depending on the price raising or lowering the price, so once the lock is released, you’ll try to get the return.

Then, when the price goes down, you will get angry and complain.

Let’s consider together the value of XEX.


[su_heading size=”24″]What is the value of XEX?[/su_heading]

When it drops to 0.01USDT, XEX will become worthless as it is? Did you worry about that?

However, no matter how much the value of XEX falls, the exchange will not disappear, so it would never become inaccessible and end.

Of course, everything is made on the main premise that CROSSexchange is a reliable exchange.


Actually, it is important to know the full details of the CROSS projec before looking at the exchange and XEX, but here I would like to keep only the content specific to XEX.

I told you if you can see two to three years ahead. What will happen to XEX two to three years ahead? Please inflate your imagination once.




“I’m worried if there will be a transaction volume after mining is over”

“I’m worried if the value of XEX is rising”.

What! Are you full of worries!?

This makes it difficult to think about XEX in anticipation of a few years ahead.

As for trading volume, it is very important how much normal trading becomes active as you think.

This is because the mining volume is a profit gained from mining.

If that’s the end, it’s not functioning as an exchange.

XEX owners are only CROSSexchange shareholders.

Now that the stock is being collected, the purpose of the exchange is not to make a profit from it.

Of course, as an exchange, it will continue to grow.

Certainly not even a few years away.

Well, do you think you’re worried after all?

But, will you invest after it has obviously grown?

It seems very safe. However, frankly speaking, it is like this.

Binance’s BNB and XEX are not subject to comparison, but I would like to see them from the point of view of an exchange’s own token.

[su_heading size=”24″]Reasons why we couldn’t buy Binance BNB[/su_heading]

How about that?

BNB was 0.1USD at the time of start in July 2017.

Now it is 22USD, which is 220 times!

$ 10,000 will be $ 2.2 million!

What do you think when you see this?

Do you want to enter from now when it has increased 220 times? I still think it’s not too late. Because it will continue to rise in the token design.

However, it is difficult to go up hundreds of times later.

So I want to go back to July 2017 and buy a lot of BNB! Did you think that?

I also have a certain meaning w

But why didn’t you buy BNB at that time? No, couldn’t you buy it?


(1) Because you didn’t invest into the virtual currency itself?

(2) Because you invested in virtual currency, but did not know the existence of the binance itself?

(3) Because you knew the existence, but did not know the true body?

There are various reasons, but in my case, it is 3. I thought so.

“It’s just an exchange, but it handles a lot of altcoins.”

“But let’s look at the Chinese exchange a little more.”


Moreover, that period was a Golden Age of POLONIEX and BITTREX.

At that time, I think only those close to the project that wanted to buy “Binance” – a unique token of the exchange, still unknown so most people didn’t know much about it.

At that time, it was the Golden Age of major altcoins, so there was no idea of ​​finding value in one exchange token. Well, were you brave to buy BNB at that time?


After two years, the binning grew into the most famous exchange.

Since XCR is similar in nature to BNB, it cannot be simply compared with XEX.

As you can see from this example, investing a few years ahead is the key to whether or not you can anticipate the future.

That is the only people who started mining when the Cross exchange opened (November 2018) were those who knew the future of XCR.

Only those people knew the information.

So the first investors were attracted by the XCR vision.

On top of that,we understood the role of the original token XEX as an exchange.

With that understanding, mining began to earn dividends from XEX until XCR was listed on the exchange.


Investors with such thinking won’t get confused about the total assets of XEX.

It doesn’t matter how much asset you should have to double it.

Initial investors often think that XEX is a token that helps them keep getting exchange dividends.

They run with the project and keep thinking about how to increase the dividends.

This is especially true if you bought $ 100,000 of XCR before exchange opens.

In order for dividends to increase, the first step is to increase the number of new employees until the mining is completed.

However, if the dividends do not increase only by increasing the number of new employees, there is no meaning at all.

So, after mining is mined to some extent, it is necessary to increase dividends by other net trades.

Now we are making more and more systems. We are anxious as growing up is such a process and this process is not perfect. Probably you can’t invest anywhere.

It is much more important to be able to keep making progress while constantly correcting the trajectory and reading the flow of the times.

Are there any other exchanges that can return 80% of the exchange’s revenue, such as Cross exchanges? If such an exchange increases the name recognition and transaction volume, everyone will want to use it.

The exchange business seems to be profitable, but the difference between whether the exchange is monopolizing or returning to the user is significant.


No fee? Minus? We listen to such words.

No, the CROSSexchange isn’t such a temporary thing

No fees + dividends will continue to appear.♫

As long as the exchange continues to exist, dividends will continue to enter.

And of course, the value of XEX isn’t just about dividends.


[su_heading size=”24″]The price of XEX can only be increased[/su_heading]

What will happen to the XEX price itself if we look ahead two to three years away?

Take a look at the graph below!

Beautiful curtain!?

Not so.

This graph shows the influence of the private fund and was used when Mr. Nakanishi from XBANK explained at the seminar.

Let’s look at the differences for each color.

The transition for about three years from September 2019 to October 2022 is shown as a 100% stacked graph.

First of all, let’s have a look at September 2019.

The number we users own is the blue-colored number of already mined ones.

The percentage of private funds in the yellow part of the mined number is still small now. Still 100 million XEX starts. Appearance of big order.


So how does the ratio of these two numbers change?

That’s right, especially the yellow private fund permanent lock XEX.

Until around 2021, there are many dark blue parts owned by users,

The feeling of presence of yellow graphs will continue to increase from 2022.

Yes, the percentage of permanent locks owned by private funds will be ridiculous in 3 years

Have you thought why 100 million XEX will increase so far?

That’s right! The 100 million of these private funds will get an 80% dividend every day.

This is despite the compound interest management of only 1/4.

Private funds will get compound interest management + bonus every 90 days. That will definitely increase!


Look at the graph above.

Rising up every 3 months! This is the great part of bonus.

In the first year they don’t seem to increase that much.

But in the second year, it’s clearly increasing.

An increase of 31% every 3 months means that it will be ridiculous in 3 years.


However, since this is a simulation, it is assumed that there are people who let go.

Since the number of places that can be owned by deep blue users is decreasing, the private fund XEX will not increase at this rate unless everyone let go.

What happens to the price if users don’t let go of it? Of course, it will rise!


If there are many people who do not want to let go, the number of those who want to buy, will increase. I can’t imagine how much will go up at that time. What happens if you let go of it?


As shown in the graph above, share buybacks are accelerating.

In other words, after more than two years, XEX competition between users and private funds will intensify.

Then, even if you let go, the price will naturally rise.

At that time, private funds become too big and I will buy more and more.

Please look at the dark blue part again.

Have you noticed?

The number of sheets that users can have is now less than now.

Of course, if nobody sells, private funds cannot be absorbed, so this will not happen, but if the number of people who sell XEX increased by mining from next year to the year after next year increases from 2021, private funds will be happy to absorb.

It means the XEX with a total issuance number of 10 billions may turn into less than 1 billion in 3 years.

・ Even if you choose not to sell, it will rise.

・ Even if you choose to sell, it will rise.

In any case, the only remaining option is that the price of XEX will go up.

Is there any other token design like this?


This is not the case when the mentality is influenced by the temporary increase / decrease in price.

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How to Register on CROSS Exchange and Enable Automatic Mining